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Budgets, precept, audit, receipts and payments

Parish Councils have the right to raise money by precept (a mandatory demand on the District Council). This sum is collected by Rother District Council as part of the Council Tax levied on tax payers in the parish. Councillors calculate the level of precept needed by assessing how much money is required to maintain community assets and support the community.


Udimore's accounts are prepared in accordance with the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2003 and are subject to both internal and external audit.The Council's internal auditor is Ms S Sharp of Broadoak, and for five years from 2012/13 the Government appointed external auditor is PKF Littlejohn.

Account summaries

The fully audited accounts are available on request but a summary of the latest annual approved receipts & payments is available on this page together with the annual balance sheet and the end of audit summary. Previous year's financial information is available from the Clerk: S Willoughby, email or telephone 01424 813785.


2009-10    £6,000

2010-11    £6,000

2011-12    £6,000

2012-13    £6,000

2013-14    £5,800

2014-15    £5,800

2015-16    £5,800

2016-17    £5,500

2017-18    £4,100

2018-19    £4,200

2019-20   £4,200